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 Join us for a replay of profound insights at the intersection of mission, ministry, and technology.


Digital Day 2023 brought together some of the most distinguished minds in AI and faith. Unpacking the convergence of technology and ministry, our speakers shine light on the ethical challenges and leadership implications of the AI era. 

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The Event Lineup


Topic: Christian Clarity in the AI Era

Gareth is Managing Director of Jersey Road PR. As a business they exist to give voice, profile and influence to faith-based organisations across the globe, through national, regional and Christian media.  Since its formation, the company has worked with charities, businesses and churches in the UK, Australia, and USA securing coverage in outlets such as the BBC, The Times, The Australian, Spectator, The Guardian and Sky News. Originally from Glasgow, Gareth now lives in Milton Keynes with his wife Andi, daughter Georgia and labradoodle Archie.


Topic: The Leadership Dilemma

Mal is a London-based speaker, futurist, and author. He is the chairman of 2030Plus, a futures forum that focuses on proactive engagement with future change, offering invaluable insights to leaders and organizations.

With over 35 years of experience, Mal is a leading commentator on the social impact of digital technology, youth and family issues, media, and the ethics of new technologies. He has been featured on BBC TV & Radio, Sky News, and ABC Radio Australia. He has published ten books, and his latest, Fascinating Times: A Social Commentary, tracks the potential impact of major technological, social, and ethical shifts. Mal is also the Founder and Director of Next Wave International and the host of the annual Strategic Leadership Consultation.


Topic: Future Skills

Stuart is passionate about emerging technologies and their potential to magnify missional impact. As the Director of Innovation at CV, Stuart leads the charge in recognising and nurturing transformative initiatives that resonate with CV's aims, all while cultivating an innovative spirit that fosters growth and influence.


Topic: How We Can Use AI To Unlock Human Potential

Mike is an award-winning data, AI, and machine learning entrepreneur delivering unquestionable value through data. He is the co-founder and CEO of Decidable Global Ltd., the world's first social data storytelling platform.

The best-selling author of Cracking the Data Code, Mike developed a unique data strategy approach that quickly demonstrates value. He is renowned for helping organisations find the hidden value in their data, and his achievements include building a team whose algorithms raised millions for charity and guided JustGiving through its acquisition in 2017.

Mike’s innovative approach to data culture merges behavioural economics with data and insights.


Topic: Harnessing Gen-AI

Daniel (a.k.a. Data Dan) is a PhD-trained data scientist and founder of Prediction Guard. He has more than ten years of experience developing and deploying machine learning models at scale, and he has built data teams at two start-ups and an international NGO with 4000+ staff.

Daniel co-hosts the Practical AI podcast, has spoken at conferences around the world (ODSC, Applied Machine Learning Days, O’Reilly AI, QCon AI, GopherCon, KubeCon, and more), and occasionally teaches data science/analytics at Purdue University.




Topic: AI Horizons

Sherol is an AI researcher and engineer working on adaptive generative tools. At Google, Sherol has advised on Machine Learning for Cloud enterprises as a subject matter expert, worked in Research at Google Brain for Machine Learning in Music and Creativity for project Magenta, and built algorithmic search results for YouTube. She's taught Artificial Intelligence for Stanford University Pre-Collegiate and around the world. Her PhD work was in Computer Science, researching storytelling and Artificial Intelligence at the Expressive Intelligence Studio. Sherol is also the founder of Passion Talks, and she speaks professionally at churches, universities, and conferences on what it means to love with all our minds. All Sherol’s views and opinions are her own and do not represent her affiliations.


Topic: Future Ready

James is a distinguished digital marketing professional and technology expert with a particular emphasis on Conversational AI strategy. As the CEO and co-founder of Vixen Labs, Europe's leading voice agency, James empowers brands to leverage voice-first technologies effectively.

Through Poulter Ventures, he provides advisory services to start-ups and, in his part-time advisory role at Impact Central, guides social impact start-ups towards meaningful societal benefits.

Before Vixen Labs, James led The LEGO Group's Emerging Platforms & Partnerships team, bolstering LEGO's digital engagement globally. His rich experience includes past roles at Edelman and Ogilvy, and he has managed campaigns for global brands, including Diageo, Unilever, Bose, PayPal, HP, and Adobe. James is also an advisor to the Church of England's digital board.


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